LDE China Hospital Elevator

LDE China Hospital Elevator

Product introduction: LD medical elevator products fully reflect the "people-oriented" design idea, and create a warm and comfortable mobile space for both doctors and patients to the maximum extent.The soft lighting and simple colors make you feel the caring from the amway elevator
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Product Details


The China Hospital Elevator adopts a new elevator car height, which makes the car space more elegant, high-end and wider than the traditional one, giving passengers a unique experience. Secondly, our unique design allows for wider door-to-door distance, greater height and more space. More critically, the transmission efficiency is 25%-35% higher and energy saving is more than 40% compared to traditional traction machines. Finally, our products are inexpensive and good value, which is loved by our customers.


Both standard and selective functions of China Hospital Elevator is safely configured, and some selective functions are handled as standard functions according to special medical requirements. Secondly, we combine precise speed control and fully controlled closed-loop VVVF drive system, the stopping layer is very precise and the starting and stopping are very stable. What's more, we don't make too much noise during operation. Finally, our products also have a good quality.

Production Details of China High Quality Hospital Elevator

1(002) 4(001)
2(001) 3(001)

Shop floor display of China High Quality Hospital Elevator


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