Hospital Lift Exporter

Hospital Lift Exporter

LD medical elevator can accurately control the speed of the elevator operation, smooth and comfortable.
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The Hospital Lift Exporter can accurately control the speed of elevator operation, which is smooth and comfortable. Secondly, we pay attention to humanized design and fully optimize the car structure to meet the requirements of customers to the maximum extent. It creates a quiet and elegant space for passengers. Finally, with its unique design concept, it creates a harmonious and unified hospital environment with a neat and bright space, which creates a comfortable environment for passengers and adds a few confidence to the patients' recovery, which is loved by our customers.


The inverters dedicated to Hospital Lift Exporter is based on the control theory of advanced technology. Starting, acceleration and braking curves are designed according to ergonomic theory for optimum comfort. Secondly, our VVVF drive ensures smoother operation of FUJI elevators. Good noise control gives passengers a peaceful riding experience. More critically, our advanced VVVF variable voltage and variable frequency control technology is applied to the elevator door operating system to ensure smooth and quiet opening and closing of the elevator doors. It monitors the change of elevator door load on each floor to ensure safety and reliability. Finally, gearless traction machines can save more than 50% of energy compared to common and conventional technologies. Gearless traction machines do not require lubricant renewal.

Production Details of High Quality Hospital Elevator Exporter

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Shop floor display of High Quality Hospital Elevator Exporter


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