Hospital Lift factory

Hospital Lift factory

People oriented, care for the accompanying LD medical elevator, through humanized design, ultra-smooth operation, to give patients the most comfortable, quiet high-speed space, with the beauty of details, respect life, inherit love, let life full of care.
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For our company's product Hospital Lift factory, we design this product in a philosophy of people oriented and care for the patients. Through humanized design with a ultra-smooth operation, to give patients the most comfortable environment, quiet high-speed space, with the beauty and delicate details, respect for life and inherit love. We try our best to let life full of care. Our product adopts high quality material with the advantages of a high bearing capacity and a large volume to make the patients life more convenient especially when going up and down the stairs and make the doctors work more efficient when the patients need to be cured. On the other hands, the intelligent computer control and a stable performance can ensure a safety use. It can be applied in large and small hospitals, high-end nursing places, etc. If you’re interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

Product Parameter (Specification)

The new generation of elevator drive controller based on the integration of elevator control and drive is introduced with a new design idea.The ladder integrated drive is safe, comfortable, efficient, intelligent, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.Permanent magnet synchronous gearless tractor USES rare earth permanent magnet instead of motor magnetic wire lease, cancels the gearbox, and eliminates the inevitable noise and environmental pollution of the contact gear transmission, which greatly reduces the power consumption compared with the traditional gear elevator, and saves the power consumption of the elevator by 40%.

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