Company Development


Hongkong LINGDIAN Elevator International Co, Ltd has been established in the early 1960s’. It establishes good strategic partnerships with vast famous international elevator enterprises. It sets up leading Technical R D Center in Hongkong. Through the years' developments, the company fosters a lot of professional talents. It accumulates rich industrial experience. It adds multiple mobile sight lines for urban vertical transport. It wins general appraisal from elevator Industries.


Hongkong LINGDIAN Elevator International casts the eyes upon China Mainland

markets with rapid development of elevator industry. It promotes formal establishment of modern & specialized elevator manufacture enterprise--LINGDIAN Elevator Co, Ltd. (Sino-Foreign Joint Venture). The company deals with elevators & escalators that are synchronous with leading international technology. It is engaged in introducing the most advanced elevator research, development, production technology achievements to China. It pushes forward progress of Chinese elevator industrial technology and product reform

Inherit Classics Joint Legend

●First-class technology keeps in pace with the world

●One of the largest “Elevator Technology Research Development Centers” in Asia

●One-stop professional elevator solution plan supplier

●Development pioneer of environment-protection and energy-saving products comprehensively

practices green environment protection ideas.

●The world’s leading high-end elevator supplier

Concentrate Intelligence

Pull Together

Successful in distant Play the cards right D

Scientific planning Rational arrangement

LINGDIAN Elevator gets rapid development and awesome achievements because it has profound

enterprise culture and excellent talent group construction. Furthermore, it has a set of perfect and scientific business management framework system. It helps LINGDIAN to get market advantages in fierce market competition. Humans shall harmoniously co-advance forward with the enterprise. It thus forms effective teams with cohesion and centripetal force. Individual value concept coincides with core enterprise value concept.

Technical Center Core Strength

Sustainable Innovation More Skillful

LINGDIAN Elevator takes “innovative technology” as developing soul of the brand. It absorbs top grade technical talents among vast elevator industries. It establishes "Technical R&D Center that leads elevator technology, traction technology and energy-saving technology industry. It has successfully and successfully researched into and developed top technologies such as computer-controlled elevator, machine room-less elevator etc. It forms core competitive power of the brand.

Innovative mechanism Effective operation

ERP Enterprise Resource Management Platform

It forms integrated management to enterprise logistics, stream of people, financial flow and information flow. From sales order,manufacture to data management and customer service, it fulfills information sharing and joint distribution of resource in the whole sector and process.

IPD Integrated Products R& D Syster

It constructs cross-department team, structural project flow, pipeline management. Multiple R& D institutions cooperate with each other. They jointly finish the product design, development and strategic policy. It converts more and more innovation to practical technology. It enhances the product quality.

Top equipment Keep in pace

with advanced international standard

Advanced tooling equipment Effective & intellectual

LINGDIAN passenger elevator goes all out to create prompt transport mode that accords with human habitat life. It satisfies requirements from various affordable housing, transformed housing, private housing. It feels like at home.

LINGDIAN Elevator invests in large sum of capital to introduce advanced equipment such as Italian Salvanini flexible metalworking production line, advanced and automatic painted production line, laser cutter, digital multi-station punch press etc. It is harsh to every work process. It gets years’ fighting procedures and accumulates rich experiences. Professional designers precisely grasp quality safety spirits. High quality production workers adhere to persistently improving work-styles. Every LINGDAN elevator shows the most superior properties to the public.

Domestic network

Through the years’ development, LINGDIAN sets up the perfect sale service network, It establishes dozens of directly-affiliated branches. service centers, parts centers in various domestic provinces and autonomous regions. It brings about top standard services for different clients.

International network

LINGDAN Elevator established world-wide strong sales networks that integrate sales and service into one. It can timely and comprehensively provide global markets and users with the most superior products and the most satisfactory after sale. It keeps pushing forward individual innovation fruits o market frontline. It win great favor and deep trust from overseas markets. It has successively exported LINGDIAN elevator to India, Vietnam, Turkey, South Africa etc. We are engaged in building up a first-class international LINGDIAN brand.