LDE China Goods Elevator

LDE China Goods Elevator

LD elevator USES advanced elevator comprehensive technology to produce cargo lift, simple structure, convenient maintenance, high quality and low price, with strong bearing capacity and security.It adopts computer optimized car design,
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The China Goods Elevator have the characteristics of simple structure, easy maintenance and high safety. Secondly, we adopt computer-optimized car design, which is spacious and bright and suitable for loading and unloading operations of different tonnages. What's more, we adopt VVVF speed regulation, which can smoothly adjust the elevator speed and greatly improve the comfort of operation. Finally, our products are inexpensive and good quality, which is loved by our customers.


The most important feature of China Goods Elevator is that we have more efficient vector converters. On top of the high performance, the converter adds low frequency and high torque features. The built-in programmable functions can fully cope with new high-end applications, select long-life devices, design convenient operation and maintenance solutions to meet the requirements of engineers and technicians, and lead the trend of healthy and environmentally friendly products. Secondly, we eliminate the sub-turbine rod drive in the structure and fully integrate the coaxial drive technology, digital frequency conversion technology and group computer combination control technology, which has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, space saving and passenger comfort. Finally, our products are very smooth and safe in the transportation process.

Production Details of China High Quality Goods Elevator

1(002) 2(001)
3(001) 4(001)

Shop floor display of China High Quality Goods Elevator


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