Goods Elevator Manufacturers

Goods Elevator Manufacturers

LD elevator has experienced nearly 30 years of elevator manufacturing technology innovation accumulation.
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Our company's product Goods Elevator Manufacturers is made of high quality materials which has a strong anti corrosion ability, it will not get rusty after a long time use and a large volume can be applied in factory, warehouse center, supermarket to improve the work efficiency. And it also has a fast speed the dual electrical protection, automatic security access control to ensure a safety use. The high quality materials makes it has a high bearing capacity and it's not easy to deform.

On the other hands, Goods Elevator Manufacturers has a low noise while moving, the operation is easy. We have experience nearly 30 years of elevator manufacturing technology innovation and accumulation. It adopts the most excellent driving control system, traction system and door opening system, selects high quality steel and high quality components to build a better quality elevator with better performance. It can be used in factory, ware house and supermarket etc. Please feel free to contact us.

Product Parameter (Specification)

Wide width open door wide free in and out

In order to facilitate free entry and exit of large volume goods, LD cargo elevator series products all adopt multi-folding car structure, so that the car door can reach the maximum width when opened.

High strength material, durability

LD cargo lift not only USES high-strength materials to make car, but also strengthens the design of car site, making its products more durable and less aging.

No difference is so great as a thousand miles

LD cargo elevator USES small advantages to lay the brand foundation, the precision of its products can be controlled in the range of millimeter.

Production Details

1(002) 2(001)
3(001) 4(001)

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